To create, one can be independent of social values.  A professional artist can make one's unconventional ideology accepted in the society. Great artworks surprise viewers.

-Hajime Sorayama

Vegas Original Pinups started collecting pin-up art in the 1990s.  We have one of the biggest and most exquisite private collections of original pin-up illustration art from the early 1900s to the present. Our main focus is the works by Alberto Vargas, Patrick Nagel, and Hajime Sorayama three of the world’s renowned illustration artists.

Alberto Vargas

Alberto Vargas Ace of Diamonds 1953 Watercolor on board
Alberto Vargas Playboy illustration April, 1976

We collect works by Alberto Vargas (American, 1896-1982) because of his timeless, classy women. He was one of the most famous pin-up illustration artists during the WWII era who painted the infamous Varga Girls for Esquire magazine. And after the war, his elegant style was found by Hugh Hefner, the founder, and publisher of Playboy magazine. Vargas then contributed his works to the magazine until the mid-1970s.

After the WWII era, even though the artistically rendered illustrations gave way to photography, some pin-up artists with distinctive styles have strived to arise.   Learn More about Albero Vargas  >>

Alberto Vargas Art Galleries

Patrick Nagel

Among the illustration artists in the mid 20th century, we could not ignore Patrick Nagel (American, 1945-1984). We were instantly captivated by his striking images of his woman when we first saw his original painting on canvas. A commercial artist, Patrick Nagel, created the most iconic woman of the 1980s. From the mid-1970s, Nagel worked with the Playboy magazine and extended the popularity of his iconic image of an 80's woman far beyond the magazine audiences.

Learn More about Patrick Nagel  >>

Patrick Nagel CN1 1983 Acrylic on canvas

Patrick Nagel Art Galleries

Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama Sexy Robot 1982 Acrylic on board

At the turn of the century, hyper-realistic works by Hajime Sorayama (Japanese, 1947- ) caught our eyes. He started drawing Playboy inspired pin-ups during high school. He then worked with Penthouse magazine from 1995 to 2004. Sorayama is considered one of the most celebrated pin-up illustrators of our time with his unique world of erotic sci-fi. His famous "Sexy Robot", which was originally painted in 1978, has evolved from the genre of pin-up art to the fashion and cultural scene of the 21st century.  Learn More about Hajime Sorayama >>

Hajime Sorayama Art Galleries

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