Hajime Sorayama (1947-) is a Japanese illustrator. While in High School, he started drawing

Playboy inspired pin-ups. In 1978, he drew his first robot and, from then on, began to

produce a series of sexy female robotic and bio-robotic figures; Sexy Robots and Gynoids.


His artwork of eroticized women started to appear in Penthouse magazine in 1995, and he

was painting for the magazine until 2004.


During the 1980s and 1990s, his highly detailed style, super-realism, has gained many fans

and recognition worldwide. In 1996, he received the Vargas Awards, which is given only to the elite of the airbrush industry. Sorayama’s super-realistic sensual illustration style has been inspiring and influencing a broad range of cultural scenes such as haute couture design houses, music and film industries, and so on.

Sorayama resides with his wife in Tokyo, Japan.

Art Books

1983 “Sex Robot”, Genko-sha, Japan

1984 “Pin-Up”, Graphic-sha, Japan

1985 “Venus Odyssey”, Tokuma Communications, Japan

1989 “Hajime Sorayama”, Taschen, Germany

           “Hyper Illustrations”, Bijutsu-Shuppan-sha, Japan

1992 “Hyper Illustrations 2”, Bijutsu-Shuppan-sha, Japan

1993 “Gynoids”, Treville, Japan

1997 “NAGA”, Sakuhin-sha, Japan

1998 “Torquere”, Sakuhin-sha, Japan

1999 “Sorayama 1964-1999”, Sakuhin-sha, Japan

2000 “Metallicon”, Sakuhin-sha, Japan

          “The Gynoids-Genetically Manipulated”, Edition Treville, Japan  Book “The Gynoids-Reborn”, Edition Treville, Japan 
          “Moria”, Edition Kunst der Comics Gmbh, Germany
          “Sorayamart”, Soleil Production, France

2002  “Venom”, Graphic-sha, Japan

2004  “Latex Galatea”, Edition Treville, Japan

2006  "Relativision", Graphic-sha, Japan

2010 "Sorayama's Master Works", Edition Skylight, Switzerland 

2013 "Vicrant Vixens", Edition Skylight, Switzerland

2014 "XL Masterworks", Edition Skylight, Switxerland

2016 "Sexy Robot Gigantes", Genko-sha, Japan 

2017 "Sorayama Complete Masterworks", Edition Skylight, Switzerland 

Hajime Sorayama a Japanese illustrator and creator of Sey Robot